a practical healing


Learning to Walk

Walked out this morning
into a broad green garden
with the rising sun in my eyes
and the first hint of the day’s heat
touching my face,
feeling as broad as the garden
and young as the day
and soaking up the heat
in my black tee-shirt,
walked straight forward
out of the gate,
through the wood,
along the river,
toward the mountain
and thought of the future
I could make in the world
if I walked toward it
like this,
with my face toward the hills
and my eyes full of light
and the earth sure
and solid beneath me,
walking on
with a fierce anticipation,
and a faithful expectation,
with the sun and the rain
and the wind on my skin…

….David Whyte

there is no waiting or weighing or sinking into the juxtapositions of this beautiful life and the aches that come with it…..it simply is……never is it so clear as the moment of choice between the remembering and the moving on…..take it slow, so slow, with each breath……

It is an attitude of life, a way of relating to all phenomena, whether of the world outside or of the world within. To contemplate is to look at and at the same time to reflect upon that which we see, with feeling as well as thought. There is no true contemplation without both detachment and involvement. For the most part people react partially to phenomena, to things, to others, to events, to themselves. Truly to look at and to see objectively, and to experience something it its wholeness, takes a very high level of awareness. All scientific observation demands long training and discipline, but this may be attained without involvement of the whole personality; not so contemplation, through which we may come to know fact and image, time and eternity, conscious and unconscious, in the smallest happenings of our lives. To put it another way: when we begin to contemplate, we are seeking to discern that which Jung called the Self, at the center of our lives, in place of the ego……Helen Luke

to hold, to see, to cry….

“In” “Out” can become a mantra, a very powerful
word spoken by your whole being. This is a very
simple exercise, but its effects are tremendous.
It stops your thinking, which is quite a revelation.
Because we think too much, we think of this or that,
we think of many things, of the past, of the future…
and if we think too much we do not have a chance
to be in touch with life. We are not free of the thinking.
So you have to breathe in and out. This exercise brings
you back to yourself. You recover yourself.
You become your better self, already.
You don’t have to practice for 10 years to have the fruit
of your practice. You can have the fruit of your practice
in just a few minutes.
…..Thich Nhat Hanh

2 thoughts on “a practical healing

  1. O, blue………. I have to believe that there’s no choosing. We move on and we remember, so that all we know (all we love) becomes a part of all we are. And always, we are blessed. We don’t miss what we don’t love. ❤

    • the fluidity of your philosophy and soul mantras resonate in the tight seams of the day……something moves, relaxes, cools……blessings to your fine words Bobbie…..

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