is it time to shift the ground beneath us?

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Only beyond the realm of expectation and consequence can our childlike spirit emerge like some turtle-angel from its shell. Only out of our shell in the the unscripted air can we feel real. Only through the connective tissue humility can we experience the Ultimate Reality. Indeed, there is an art to feeling real and it has to do with staying centered in how we see, think, feel, and act. Mostly, we are caught in a storm of continual activity, needing to break free of the impingements we react to and the false interests we chase. We all inhabit this spiral, an inner form of Odyssey in which we all take our turn as the warrior whose taste for the fight dissolves into a need for the ancient quiet. This is why each life is besieged by endless paths. So that we have any chances to grow, up through the deep, breaking surface like the lotus: to be rooted in the world, but not submerged by it; in it but not of it; our hearts upturned toward the sun, but our efforts rooted in the daily….Mark Nepo

there can be no regret in this space of pure delight and soul excavation…..each moment is stark and fallen…..nothing resists the day here……move into our truth…..

Ah, the theme I love most to explore in my own experience: the ways in which immanence and transcendence meet here in one small human being. We are each the experiencer meeting the world, others and the transcendent as Lover, as intimate guest, as two touching & knowing each other deeply……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

no more pretending

If you can’t see what you’re looking for,

see what’s there. It is enough.

…..Tu Fu

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