where is kindness hidden?

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What I knew when I wrote “The Invitation” was that I could trust my deepest longing. I still have faith in the soul-ache that reminds us that nothing less than heart-intimacy with the Presence, the Mystery and Magic of Infinite Love will touch that hunger. Of course that Love can manifest in infinite ways in this shared world. I am grateful for the longing that helps me surrender over and over to the the way this Love takes me home to who and what I am, to what we all are…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

kindness lifts us out of our weak but strenuous ties to an unhinged gate…..consider the perfection of what is already available within the heart….of what is calling us to let go and walk through…..

 My heart opens to the point of breaking, further than what the mind can understand. These children are my children. I can do nothing but surrender as the mysterious spirit of Auschwitz operates on my heart. In the deep stillness I open, and it is painful and blissful at the same time. In the innermost chamber of the heart something new is born, a new ability to be present and to love. What remains is the sense of a larger heart, a compassion that appears to arise from beyond the center of time and space, much larger than what I could feel as a separate being.……Ramgiri Braun

If Light Is In Your Heart
You Will Find Your Way Home.

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