to make meaning

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To say yes,

you have to sweat and roll up your sleeves

and plunge both hands into life up to the elbows.

…..Jean Anouilh

do we deserve to create? isn’t that the question that lies at the bottom of the heart? how can we take such precious time away? and yet, how can we not? this ‘making things’ is inherent in us….who we are……why we are here…to be in this world fully…..find the blocks and crack dozens of eggs until inertia moves……

Creative people and would-be creative people find it hard to do the thing that in the abstract sounds relatively easy to do: create and keep creating. What is at the core of the problem? Picture an egg. If you are not baking a cake, an egg’s shell feels remarkably formidable. Trying to crack an egg for no good reason elicits the same sort of feeling that chalk scratching on a blackboard does. It is a physical reaction, rooted in some primitive fear or anxiety. Creating each day requires that we crack through a shell of resistance, a shell that frightens us to crack- except when we are really working on something. Cracking an egg is such an effective strategy because the artist frequently gets stuck thinking about working rather than thinking about the work itself. The practice of cracking an egg grabs your mind’s attention and pulls it away from its customary harangue about whether or not you really mean to work.Try this egg-cracking exercise today. Cracking an egg makes a statement: I matter. When the appointed time arrives, get out your egg and your bowl, crack the egg, and drop it, shell and all, into the bowl. Then commence working…….Eric Maisel

need a dozen or so

Is it really necessary to encumber oneself with this anxiety

to bring to life things that have no apparent reason for stirring?

….Pol Bury

4 thoughts on “to make meaning

  1. Cracking dozens of eggs …what a wonderful picture this paints and that is exactly how it feels…thank you MBB ❤ x

  2. There is a trick we used to play, if one holds an egg in the palm and squeezes it it will not break… It must be cracked by striking sideways. A perfect analogy for the universe, for the cosmic egg, ever expanding. Perhaps when we crack any egg it is light that leaks out, and creation, the universe, expands a little more … Sending a little more light for your day …

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