our hidden wholeness


A new peace.
The sweet strangeness of no longer trying.
A moment, a day, a week of grace:
no brutality toward self or other.
Being. Alive. Effortless.
….Oriah Mountain Dreamer

loss sparks a life of metaphor drenched in silent sadnesses…where can we unearth a vivid dying into the new? where is this heart of reality? who breathes the suffering litany of  “not enough?”

We suffer because we expect something to happen, and it doesn’t . Sorry. Heads, you suffer, tails, you endure a journey filled with unpredictable outcomes. At least one path- the one in which you embrace freedom even when it doesn’t always pay off in the short run- offers you the juiciness of being alive, of experiencing the unexperienced, and most of all, of giving the world something it cares about. And what about getting in the mood? What about the motivation you’ll need to engage in this life. our need for motivation is due to our need for reassurance. We are paralyzed by our fear that it might not work, and we let the fear demotivate us, giving us the perfect excuse not to create……..Seth Godin

tinged with dreams

Seasons is a wise metaphor for the movement of life, I think. It suggests that life is neither a battlefield nor a game of chance but something infinitely richer, more promising, more real. The notion that our lives are like the eternal cycle of the seasons does not deny the struggle or the joy, the loss or the gain, the darkness or the light, but encourages us to embrace it all- and to find in all of it opportunities for growth. Transformation is difficult, so it is good to know that there is comfort as well as challenge in the metaphor of life as a cycle of seasons. Illumined by that image, we see that we are not alone in the universe. We are participants in a vast communion of being, and if we open ourselves to its guidance, we can learn anew how to live in this great and gracious community of truth……Parker J. Palmer

2 thoughts on “our hidden wholeness

  1. Death has a way of plunging us into a new kind of darkness – the unfamiliar of living one less. And yet is not the blessing we miss also the one we keep? Surely we cannot miss what we don’t love and in our silent grief, we dare to ask whether we would trade this river of tears for even one memory. Ahh, we could never. For there the understanding that we pay now for the love. Let us be grateful for the tears and protective of the soul that expands to keep it all….. ❤

    • I feel your strength, clarity and vision of wholeness……the aliveness under the belly….under the witnessing…..true gratitude….grit…..grist……blessings……

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