this way of knowing is like no other



He or she is a mystic who cannot stop walking and, with the certainty of what is lacking, knows of every place and object that it is not that; one cannot stay there nor be content with that. Desire creates an excess. Places are exceeded, passed, lost behind it. It makes one go further, elsewhere. It lives nowhere…..Michel De Certeau

vitality & originality is the visionary’s authentic hold through the forest of balance & attention……this invitation to expression creates its own momentum….listen to the creation that emerges as a response to living & working with our deepest motivations…..

There is a permanent amnesia planted in us, which just as we keep forgetting our dreams, we sometimes keep on forgetting our reality.

….Isaac Bashevis Singer

assumptions & inventions

Visions are made from the stuff of everyday life.The creative spirit makes use of everything that happens to a person. It sees beyond the limitations of the immediate situation and uses adversity as a source of inspiration. Creations are like seeds that find their way into tiny chinks in a granite ledge and take root in the smallest deposits of soil. Visions are sense of possibility and never rigid scripts. They grow from a person’s longing and interactions with the world. The vision must be lost in order to be regained and refashioned. Loss and longing are preconditions of creation……Shaun McNiff

2 thoughts on “this way of knowing is like no other

  1. I love that image, and the words that speak to the wilderness within us – the almost not quite perfect color that shades both our past and our present – the wild child remembrance that home is but a sigh away and the clover delights in our barefoot dancing! 🙂

    • and only then will the hazy visions of our past come to life in a supreme and eclectic reality that can feed the present….I may not be able to define home, but I can feel planted and here and connected……..

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