in presence with being invisible


There are a thousand ways to tell the story of a life. How you tell your story determines, in part, what story you are in fact living and what it might become: a story, for example, about blind ambition and revenge, or about redemption and love. A soulcraft approach to your own story asks you to see your life in the light of the universal dynamics and archetypes of humanity. Consider crafting your life story as a personal myth, framing the events of your life in a symbolic perspective. Compose an autobiography told in the third person, a story symbolically authentic to the central themes of your life. Have it take place anywhere and anytime that fits best with your myth. As you write, remember that good myth honors the whole story as essential. Your early woundings and later losses are as necessary to your story as the victories and loves. The story transforms itself through the gift you recover at the center of your sacred wound, and you will find there redemption……Bill Plotkin

there are so many things that slide beneath our awareness, find us in our dreams, and succumb to the delicate balance between knowing and experiential doubt……may we not misinterpret the transformation that is possible in our time……

I have sat in this circle many times before. The crones are reminding me. I feel very loved and at home, brought here by a deep longing of which I had been unaware. The crones tell me I must weave my own blanket like the beautiful ones in which they are wrapped. When my blanket is complete, I will take my place among them. This lifetime is not about what I had previously believed. I have been pulled back into this circle to continue The Work. The Work is so much larger than me and  my role. I am awakening and the blanket is the warm, protective, grandmotherly aspect of the wisdom required for that awakening. The designs on the blanket are an ancient yet vibrant and alive language, like a beautiful web woven by spiders. The blanket is a vehicle, a took a symbol. It is a robe worn by what we would call, in our culture, a nun or priestess. My true name is Web Spinner……Ann DeBaldo

being in the world

When our awareness is focused on our I-ness, we forget our universal nature and risk remaining stuck in our separateness. While the ego tends to resist knowing the authentic self for fear of getting lost in the process of a non-separate awareness, all it really wants is recognition for an important job well done. Our ego, I-ness and uniqueness do not have to step aside in order for our authenticity to be revealed. In fact, paradoxically, through our recognition of oneness, ego and uniqueness become richer and stronger. The self that is felt at the core of the body beneath all the layers of personal information becomes counsel and guide for the helpful ego…….Elissa Cobb

4 thoughts on “in presence with being invisible

  1. How do we hold all that we love? In boxes of memories, in the soft wrinkles around our eyes….. We remember and we smile in gratitude. Even without knowing, we know. We love because we cannot remember how it was not to. ❤

    • reminds me that aging has nothing to do with this moment……..a value of a principle…….one that shifts with each wrinkle…..yet never wavering……

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