to mirror serenity


Casting in the tidal
reach, for what
lies beneath
the passing water,
seeing in the clouds
that race the sky
the shadow
for which you seek,
calling through the
darkness that
frames the far horizon,
after all these years
of looking
beneath the surface
of the moving stream
the eyes
just beginning
to gaze back,
the face, not of you
but all creation,
looking through you,
the patient, endless
and artful practice
of loving
and being loved.

….David Whyte

these flights of fancy are vital to vivid clarity……the blue of the sky, the taste of fresh peaches, the touch of moss, the memory of a beloved’s smile……may we be in harmony with unsentimental yet raw nostalgia…

please keep on using the sky

as you know how

riding the wide open

tracing out the shoreline

(along with something else it’s harder to define)

and throw out a cry or two now and then

for those of us down here who care

that’ll be a kind of reminder

(to accompany the signs

we read silent in the stone):

way beyond the heart’s house

right into the bone

…..Kenneth White

beauty & remembrance of beauty

Let go of all your assumptions

and the world will make perfect sense.

In movement, be fluid as water;

at rest, be bright as a mirror;

in response, be simple as an echo.

Keep your mind serene,

like the still surface of a lake.

Clear-eyed and imperturbable,

walk through life

as though you didn’t exist.

When nothing is left to argue with

and there is nothing to oppose,

you will find yourself at peace

and in harmony with all things.

…..Stephen Mitchell (Tao Te Ching)

4 thoughts on “to mirror serenity

  1. I heard it in the wind last night. Sounded like applause. It was just the arbutus rustling and the bumping of the logs, and the moon swept down black water, like an empty spotlight … Joni Mitchell

  2. So very often in the midst of a hectic day, I receive an email from my brother – ‘see you beneath the falls in ten minutes’. I close my eyes, and just like that, I am swept away by the cooling mist and the sound of bare feet on wet rock……….. Let us never lose sight of the paradise we own…….

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