muddy truth

1-Presentation Goddard

We’re born with an aftertaste of Oneness
and a thirst for weeds and earth, as the angel
deep within us needs our hands, to make a
dance of all this hurt. It has us reach beyond
our limits, till we love like a planet though
we’re constantly confused. We carry lightning
in a thimble of skin and bones and dreams.
We carry everything that matters in a plan
that doesn’t last, while the stars pulse
to fill us, the way a candle fills a room.

 ~Mark Nepo

let. go. again.

inquiry for today~  how can you live so deeply you catch every nuance of the storm, yet you let it wash you clean?

seeing through rain

The world of the five senses…is simply a crust that floats on this eternal presence.
~Richard Smoley

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