the need to sit & wait

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The path of awakening is not easy. But it may be comprised of moments of softening, moments of remembering that we are alive in the most elemental sense, breathing, a part of life living, a creature in a greater creation. In the midst of great turbulence and uncertainty, we may step outside on a summer morning and feel the warmth of the sun. We may suddenly remember, really literally re-member or feel in the whole of ourselves, the fact that the sun is the source of our life and all life on this planet.

Or the moment can be lighter. The other day, I taught mindfulness meditation at the Rubin Museum in front of the image a beautiful cloud goddess or apsara. Do you remember what it is like to lay on your back and watch clouds as a child? Remember how fluid and marvelous and soft they were? Remember that as children we could feel a kinship with them and will all of life. And we still can, literally in moments of stillness, in moments of what Wordsworth called “the bliss of solitude.” At such moments we remember that under all our endless striving and worry and these big, sometimes tricky personalities we carry around, there is an essence that simply wishes to be part of life, that is open to receive.

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