the underbelly of wholeness

1-IMG_1426 2.JPG

Picture an infinite electric soup

in and out of which we and everything else

precipitate briefly

before being re-absorbed

into the Entirety of charged energy

pulsating, vibrating in-

could we say?-

a kind of neon singing.

Everywhere and when at once,

this humming blurs boundaries

between crocodiles and moons,

babies and granite.

It fills the so-called spaces

between things,

and changes through all the cosmic stuff

we cannot see or measure,

but figure must be there.

So join in, join in!

Foolish invitation- you are already singing.

~Eve Powers

embrace the energies of joy and sorrow and touch into life complete and whole…..

inquiry for today~   what is living into the question in relationship to your own fears?

pulling away

We’re always asked to live into the question. What is our relationship to the vast depth of all things, to the empty canvas of life that paradoxically holds everything? Within this larger question, we each inhabit a singular life that has its feelings, pains, aches, and questions. We’re committed to that life, of course, because we don’t just live in the depth world. We’re human beings who live on Earth and we can’t help but wake in the visceral kaleidoscope of the daily world. We drink water and cut the grass and pay the bills, while feeling wonder, awe, enervation, and doubt. Relating to the Whole of Life is not an abstract endeavor. This infusion of Wholeness gives us the resources to meet whatever life brings us, the way fertile soil infuses stems, flowers, and fruits with the sustenance to grow.

~Mark Nepo

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