cause & effect & trust

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When I reach out to capture sunshine in the palm of my hand after a week of gray skies that left me feeling hopeless at times, but now sends my heart soaring into its brilliant light, I am saying yes to me. When I end my days by sinking into a steamy hot bath to lose myself in the pages of a juicy novel, glass of cool water by my side, the jets pulsating against my back, I am saying yes to me. When the delicate scent  of moonflowers unfolding at dusk tickles my nose as I step into our backyard, and I lose myself in every creamy petal twirling around the rope trellis knotted by my hands, I am saying yes to me.

~Holly Clark

we never really know how to pay attention….

inquiry for today~   what does showing up in your life look like? feel like? how do you know when you’re not showing up?

embedded in peace

If I shared with you all the times I didn’t show up in my own life, you might not believe me. What I have learned from that painful time in my life, is that I had a tremendous struggle with trusting the process of what I was going through. To help myself begin to find me again. I loosened the grip I thought I had on life and began to accept the ups and downs, along with the good and the bad. I stood up and took inventory of those who loved me during my difficult times, and took the time to love them in return. Over time I set up shop again and walked into nature with my camera, setting it beside me in coffee shops and at home. One of the most (artistically) difficult things that I needed to do was to look deeply into one of my photographs, finding its core and whispering, “I stand by you no matter what.”

~Christina Martin

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