from the long view


Seeing the world as it is means seeing not only the vulnerability and suffering of each person, but also the basic goodness of each person. When the veil of trance lifts, the pleasures and pains, the hopes and fears of our small, space-suit self still come and go, but they no longer define us. We no longer take things so personally, we no longer feel like “something is wrong with me.” Instead we begin to trust the innocence and goodness of being that our trance had obscured. This turns out to be a tremendous relief and a taste of freedom.   ~Tara Brach

we love our freedom and yet we rest between walls…..

inquiry for today~   how. why. when. no regrets in love…….

who is good?

The great Buddhist truth is that we have been whole from the very beginning: we need only realize it.     ~Taylor Plimpton

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