don’t homogenize yourself


Rather than trying to define our self-worth with judgments and evaluations, what if our  positive feelings toward ourselves  came from a totally different source? What if they came from our hearts, rather than our minds?

Self-compassion does not try to capture and define the worth or essence of who we are. It is not thought or a label, a judgment or an evaluation. Instead, self-compassion is  away of relating to the mystery of who we are. Rather than managing our self-image so that it is always palatable, self-compassion honors the fact that all human beings have both strengths and weaknesses.

Rather than getting lost in thoughts of being good or bad, we become mindful of our present moment experience, realizing that it is ever changing and impermanent. Our successes and failures come and go- they neither define us nor do they determine our worthiness. They are merely part of the process of being alive. Our minds may try to convince us otherwise, but our hearts know that our true value lies in the core experience of being a conscious being who feels and perceives.

~Kristin Neff

isn’t it refreshing to know that imperfection is exciting, surprising, and true……

inquiry for today~   may your day be as unique as your most unpredictable moods……

stay wild

There are parts of me that will always remain untamable, messy, and reckless,

but I refuse to apologize for it anymore.

~Kaitlin Foster

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