what do you want?

Emotions are like the gods of the old world, linking us to our souls. When we repress them, we are totally cut off, and stuck in our impoverished selves. But when we identify completely with our emotions, when we think that they are us, we are letting the gods trick us. In either case, in repression or in possession, we lose the capacity for wonder that our emotional lives make possible.

Desire is one means of keeping us in contact with this wonder. Seeing desire as having its own agenda frees us to look at it more evenly. As Sappho observed so many years ago, it comes from elsewhere, stirs us up, makes us question who exactly is in charge, and carries the possibility of enrichment as well as the threat of obsession.

From this perspective, the arising of desire becomes an opportunity to question, not what we desire, nor what we do with desire, nor even how we make sense out of desire, but what does desire want from us? What is its teaching? We have to be very quiet to listen to desire in this way.

This recognition of the divine in desire is less about moving toward an ideal than it is about acknowledging its immanence.

~Mark Epstein

how we fail ourselves….how we refuse to wake up…..how we depend on doing rather than being…..

inquiry for today~ meet yourself half way……

grasp and resurrect deeper needs

Writing and speaking about the nature of awareness is a humbling process. Whatever words are used, whatever thoughts they evoke, that ‘s not it. Just as we can’t see our own eyes, we can’t see awareness. What we are looking for is what is looking. Awareness is not another object or concept hat our mind can grasp. We can only be awareness.

Awareness, true nature, what we are- is a mystery. When we ask ourselves, “Is awareness here?” most of us probably pause, sense the presence of awareness, and say yes. Yet every day we restlessly pull away from this one awareness and immerse ourselves in busyness and planning. Our conditioning prevents us from discovering the peace and happiness that are intrinsic in taking refuge in awareness. Seeing how we paper over the mystery of who we are is an essential part of finding freedom.

~Tara Brach

5 thoughts on “what do you want?

    • Maybe our truth is too simple….we get so attached to our dysfunctions….our habits of forgetting…..And another paradox seems to be that when we forgive ourselves, then we are practicing awareness again….hmmmmmm….

  1. I like PD Ouspenky’s Fourth Way … self remembering, we need to see ourselves as others do, not as we think we are. Our personality is almost hidden to us by our own chatter … we have to listen to ourselves as intently as we do to others … if we even do that !

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