home in the kitschy heart

When I entered the gallery in which my sculptures are installed, I fell back — actually stepped back — before the force of my own feelings distilled into forms rendering visible their own beings. Tears rose to my eyes and from that freshest of feeling the unchangeable and unchanging truth: I am always, and always will be, vulnerable to my own work, because by making visible what is most intimate to me I endow it with the objectivity that forces me to see it with utter, distinct clarity. A strange fate. I make a home for myself in my work, yet when I enter that home I know how flimsy a shelter I have wrought for my spirit. My vulnerability to my own life is irrefutable. Nor do I wish it to be otherwise, as vulnerability is a guardian of integrity.

~Anne Truitt

how did you find me when all I wanted was to be home alone?

inquiry for today~ for all the ugly moments when you lost your way…..may your vulnerability remind you to seek solace wisely…..

fully, clearly, mercifully

With each passing moment,

a soul sets off to find itself.


2 thoughts on “home in the kitschy heart

    • Just because. Because we love to know there are others’ making life special by being wholeheartedly themselves. Please and thank you for diving in to being:)

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